Hi 👋

As we leave another year behind, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making Beex Project a part of your journey to a more immersive photography experience. 

In 2021,a lot has happened. 

We were able to connect with over 2000 photographers and visual artists. 

With some of them, we created 100+ written interviews. We managed to touch some very interesting points with many of the interviewees and learned a lot from their point of view and words. 

151 Podcasts have been released in the last 3 months and have been listened to all over the globe. 2500+ listens. 

We reached 3300+ followers on instagram, but then had to deal with an unexpected profile deletion. But we didn’t say enough, we started from scratch with a new profile and we are at almost 700 followers in 2 months. 

We managed to reach more than 450 people in Berlin and with some of them we spent many moments. Created almost every Sunday of the year live events on MeetUp, including models and very long walks. Beers and coffee and lots of food. 

We published 2 Fanzines and 2 books. Where totally more than 60 Artists from all over the globe were exhibited. 

Published video interviews. Created live events on discord, featured hundreds of people.

This year steps were taken towards the goals set the previous year. 

We would like to thank those who have supported us from the beginning and those who supported us during the year, sharing, talking about us, donating and participating in our initiatives. We thank you with all our heart. 

In the coming year we hope to give much more, and to grow again and again. 

We promise you 12 Editorial Publications already in progress, including the publication of the Transformation open call book. Events every Sunday of the year. Minimum of 1 event per month for portrait photographers. Minimum of 150 more podcast episodes and much more.

Thank you for a wonderful year and to many more accomplishments together.

🎄Happy New Year from all of us! 🎄