15 Minutes of experience, is a format designed for those who really want to explore a single, unique point of view in the photographer’s experience. Photographers today are the ones who hold the value of the stories and experiences of humanity, much more than someone who only shows images.  In this podcast we talk with Photographers, Models, Editors, Curators, Galleries and every person is part of this unlimited world of images and sense, we discuss about point of view, style and connection with meaningful experiences. 

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King Koala Press

King Koala is a fluid, narrative, imaginative and visual editorial collective. Slow in his production, concentrated in producing even unconscious dreams of artists capable of doing it. King Koala finds books, stories, objects, words, photos, passages, environments, sounds and landscapes. Born in Milan, Italy, 2020 from a publisher, a couple of photographer and some mad artists. We already published a couple of books by photographer Luca Mata (Composition Books) and Shyla N (Greatest Hits) about erotic images and graffiti. Upcoming Alessandra Pace’s Ocean and Luca Loreti with a comic: IO. Limited edition and DYI attitude. We have also a space in Milan to share ideas and project.



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