We help photographers and
visual artists to stand out from
the crowd

Opportunity to grow in a

Beex wants to be an open-door activity and accessible to anyone who wants to gain experience in photography, it is not a closed circle, but an opportunity to grow in a community open to the exchange of ideas and experiences. We don’t aim at just the aesthetics of our social networks, we don’t sell content, our sharing who we believe has the skills and our belief.

Picture by Guillermo Espinosa

I love being part of the community BEEX has created. It has inspired and motivated me in being a better photographer.

Picture by Simone Carresi

We believe in the power of
the images

We created this project because we believe in the power of images and we want to make sure that there is something in the world that helps the production of content that is understood. 

Three Interaction Programs

Our work focuses on three different approaches with each artist. From classic written blog interviews, to podcasts, to publishing in our editorial collections.

Learn From Experience

The same questions for everyone.

This interview explores each individual photographer’s answers to create a list of experiences.

 It is curious how each person gives a different answer to complete the spectrum of shared experiences.

15 Minutes of Experience

15 Minutes of experience, is a format designed for those who really want to explore a unique point of view in the visual experience. 

Photographers today are the ones who hold the value of the experiences of humanity, more than someone who only shows images.

Editorial Publications

We work the entire year on different editorial publications, we look always for new collaborations and new points of view. 

With already 4+ Books published and more then 100 Artists Involved. 

Join us in this collaborative experience!