Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if you have more questions please contact us privately.

What file types and settings should I use for submissions?

We prefer photographs in JPEG/PNG/TIFF formats with a minimum resolution of 120dpi up to 300dpi.

How does the photographer selection process work?

Author selection is done by the editors of BEEX. We select all artists using social networks, photography communities or through direct contact.

Will I receive a complimentary copy?

Since BEEX is a non-profit project and benefits from Self-Publication, we prefer not to promise complimentary copies. The costs we cover are for printing and promotion. Only in the case of the sale of the whole lot and exceeding the production costs, then we can promise a complimentary copy to the published artists.

In the case of fundraisers, the costs of complimentary copies are within the target, this gives us the opportunity to distribute complimentary copies.

In the case of a single author publication, with prior contract, the author will receive the contracted complimentary copies.

Will I receive compensation for my photographs?

We do not offer any compensation for photographs that are submitted in our editorial projects. That’s why we don’t commission private work, but stick to promoting content produced by the authors prior to the request.

Will I still have rights to my images?

Absolutely! We at BEEX do not have any rights to your images. Your images will always have your name in the description and will not be used in any way for purposes other than those contracted together.

Are the time slots based on time in Berlin for the podcasts? 

The time slots are based on where you come from, in the calendar you will obviously find the times based on our time slot that matches yours.

Will the pictures for the editorial publication, be published on instagram? 

Photographs for printed editions, will not be posted on social media, the only way they can be posted on social media is in the printed form of the book/magazine or printed product.