Which are the rules of your photographic work?

The one rule I apply in order to get better, is going out and shoot almost everyday but I guess the only real rule is to enjoy what I do and those pictures I’m taking, so… sometimes it’s about feeling comfortable  with the situations and the context, taking my time and connecting to the places and people I shoot.

Is there a particular combination of techniques and tools that you think makes a difference?

Not really, is a personal thing, maybe just being confident and looking your finished pics before taking them.

Tell us about an experience that has definitely changed the way you work and made you growing.

Lately understanding a bit better natural light and different light sources, as I shoot everyday I see my self looking better light in different situations more than before, waiting for the moment.

Has there ever been a difficult situation? How did you react? tell us.

Maybe dealing with things I don’t control is the biggest problem, people who doesn’t want to be photographed or the weather… But I can see my self changing plans to avoid these situations and getting what I want.

How do you relate to the environment and the subjects you see?

As part of the context, knowing that sometimes my presence can change the way people act’s or reacts to certain things, so I try to blend in to the place and crowds.

I also ask you to share a bonus trick among your secret techniques.

I’m using a very cheap lens 32mm 1.2 at night cause it has a *problem with flares, but I’m using this problems to generate a different light source and I love it… so expensive lenses are not *The best option… everything can work to make you happy making nice pictures.

Tell us about your equipment, what kind of cameras do you shoot with?

I’m using Both Sony cameras one is the Alpha 6000 and the other one is a 7Rii. 

Are there any books you would recommend?

The classics for me:

What stimulates your creativity, what inspires you?

Just walking around, think about music and film’s I like and which kind of images would suit better those things I love, maybe showing what my eyes can see and the rest of the world can’t at that precise moment.

Bernardo Resnikowski