Nemanja Ledenski was born in Subotica, Serbia on the third of February 1990. By occupation he is a Graduate professor of Physical education and Sport.He first became interested in photography four years ago and has since been documenting the everyday life of his small hometown. In October 2019. he had been privileged and honored to host his first solo photography exhibition in “Barcellona” gallery in Belgrade, supported by the “Grain” magazine – digital magazine showcasing documentary and street photography based in Serbia. He is Subotica’s own street photographer constantly on the lookout for his next best shot.”Photography is what makes me happy; it motivates and inspires me. I am not sure where I would be without it” – says Nemanja. He is currently living in his hometown and working for a small private company.

What are the rules of your photographic work?

I don’t have specific rules, my way of photographing is patience and walking around, behind every corner, no matter in which city you are or which country you live, there is a “moment” to snap.

Is there a particular combination of techniques and tools that you think makes the difference?

In my case, there is not a particular combination. We all have different approaches, so in my opinion, the best way is to do what makes you most comfortable.

Tell us about an experience that definitely changed the way you work and made you grow?

At first , I used telephoto lenses, because I was a bit scared how people would react if I was photographing them up close, so my comfort zone was, 70-200mm lens. It was interesting in the beginning, but in one moment i felt like a stalker (with all due respect for photographers who are working with telephoto lenses). So, i tried to get closer and closer, and my whole perspective changed, and at some point i realized that this is the way, get close, don’t be scared, interact.

Was there ever a difficult situation? How did you react? Tell us.

Yes, there were difficult situations, and of course there were unpleasant. But, the worst case scenarios were yelling, threatening and deleting the photographs.

How do you relate to the environment and the subjects you portray?

I relate very well to be honest, it’s a cruel world, especially nowadays, with this global pandemic and everything. It’s hard and it’s real, so are my photographs.

I also ask you to share a bonus trick among your secret techniques.

To be honest, i really don’t have a secret technique, when i see something interesting i just do everything i can to photograph the moment or some specific subject. Maybe a little advice, use a compact camera, in my opinion it’s easier.

Tell us about your equipment, what kind of cameras do you shoot with?

I’m currently using Ricoh GR III. It’s a compact APS-C camera, very powerful.

Are there any books you would recommend?

In my opinion “Magnum Contact Sheets” is a must!

What stimulates your creativity, what inspires you?

There are a few people, Igor Čoko, Vladimir Milivojević (aka Boogie), Suzanne Stein, Vivien Maier and Garry Winogrand. Everybody should check their work!

Nemanja Ledenski