Hello everyone, if you have arrived on this page it is probably because you are already part of our group of explorers in Berlin or come from MeetUp. Anyway, this page has a very specific purpose to accumulate the perspectives, ideas, proposals and different projects for which this meeting was born.

I am Emiliano Vittoriosi creator of Berlin Explorer, as you can read in our about section, our first mission is to explore, a language, communication, connections and more, basically life.

As John Grierson once said:

“In the end, the only reality that matters is the depth of interpretation.It doesn’t matter if the interpretation comes from the interiors of a studio or a documentary or a music hall. What matters is the interpretation, the depth of interpretation.”

Lately I’ve been collecting a lot of ideas and perceptions of what I’m doing, trying to connect as much as possible with the participants of my project. I have come to the realization of so many positive aspects and I thank everyone for the nice words spent, but above all I have come to understand that what I want to achieve is possible and can be extended. Dreams can actually be realized in practical terms and sometimes without even excessive effort.
The union surely makes that there is so much strength within a project that unites many.

Photography is surely a topic that unites us, but the project is not only based on those who use photography as a research tool, but also those who use its pros and cons every day, without ever approaching it as a practice. By now everyone has the possibility to portray reality, to give it a form and an interpretation. I think it is of absolute interest that those who make daily use of it, or those who tend to make it an integral part of their lives, go deep into the search for the communication that can come out of it.

Many of these people who attend our meetings have revealed to me their motivations, including: To be inspired by others, to practice photography more, to make connections and friendships, to learn more about themselves and others, to learn new techniques and ideas, to visit exhibitions/shows together, to create beginner plans, and much more.

Here are a few pictures from our meetings!

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