Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 we had the first meeting of SHOOT OUT! 

We thank the participation of Bernardo Resnikowski, Alessio Mattia Ferrara, Emiliano Vittoriosi and Ana Hinkov, whose photos here in this collection kindly made available for publication. 

The route was very interesting and also the dynamics, we divided into two groups, Emiliano and Bernardo the first group and Alessio and Ana the second group. 

We explored different situations of everyday life in the streets of Wedding, starting from the station Reinickendorfer Strasse until we met again 2 hours later in Seestrasse, from where Emiliano and Bernardo decided to take the Ubahn to Friedrichstraße and walk back to Reinickendorfer Strasse. 

We leave you to view some of the pictures taken here in the gallery!

I remember that to join the group and the meetings is totally free!