Saturday , November 28th, 2020 we had the third SHOOT OUT!

We thank the participation of Bernardo Resnikowski, Emiliano Vittoriosi and Elias Dayoub, whose photos here in this collection kindly made available for publication.

Saturday’s plan was a bit complex, we expected to be at least 6 so to cover more subway lines, unfortunately given the current situation with all the problems due to COVID, we adapted and decided to cover only one subway line to explore together, we noticed that although it was a Saturday night, there was not a very large flow of people, which from one point of view was good, and from another it was difficult to find photographic situations that we were waiting for. But all in all, we had our share of inspiration. The U8 line in Berlin, is filled with situations that are always a bit outside the German schemes, let’s say it is the line that goes from situations of poverty to situations of drugs, parties and social life.

I remember that to join the group and the meetings is totally free!