I am writing this post to introduce you to one of Berlinecore’s ongoing initiatives and to make you participate in what we do during the time. 

Shoot out was born from the need to share moments, born from our daily documenting and research in the streets of Berlin. There are 4-6 monthly proposals open to anyone who wants to participate, we start with a meeting at a specific point and we divide into small groups that explore two different directions to another meeting point, the vision of small groups tends to maximize our perception of reality and therefore to benefit our enjoyment of what we have around us. 

People usually tend to take pictures alone, sometimes it is an autonomous and solitary method, positive, but our goal was to create situations in which this method becomes rich in knowledge and even very funny moments, it pushes us to overcome our limits and helps us to grow quickly. 

The meetings are always structured in a different way and the dynamics are many. Shoot out will evolve more and more, we are already planning readings of the images taken during the meetings, monthly magazines with publications of these short stories of a capital that constantly offers inspiration and reflection on many topics. 

If you want to join us, we will publish every week the meeting here on Patreon, each meeting is free and non-profit. 

The only thing that is absolutely required is sharing and inclusion, for the rest there is nothing else but to go further and free our pleasure of research!

Join our project today with only 1€ per month you will have access to all past and future posts of our project!

We are waiting for you

(Pictures in the backgroud from Bernardo Resnikowski )