Saturday , December 12, 2020 we had another SHOOT OUT!

We thank the participation of Bee, Anton, Emma Fiacchini e Emiliano Vittoriosi whose photos here in this collection kindly made available for publication.

Saturday was an interesting day, where first of all we were joined by two new members whom I personally thank for their participation and pleasant acquaintance, Bee & Anton. 

Above you can see some selected shots of all of us, on the cover I chose to use Emma Fiacchini’s photo, who has a very fine eye on what happens around him. Certainly taking nice pictures at Hermannstrasse is not difficult, but catching the right moment, getting comfortable with what’s around and reacting quickly is not something really easy. I’ve noticed with pleasure that the method of breaking up the group is a good choice to let everyone have the pleasure to get to know each other and chat, about photography for sure, but especially about their personal experiences, in this way, it stimulates creativity and allows us to start looking at the world through the eyes of another person. This series of meetings is enlightening in some way our way of approaching the other, but especially the self that is hidden in the shadows of our unconscious. 

I remember that to join the group and the meetings is totally free!