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Hey 👋 i made a recap of the 2021 to celebrate many goals reached the last year!

In this 2022 i want focus on the several things:

  • The meetup group
  • A blog interview for all the photographers we meet and to show off your work
  • Books and Magazines publications
  • Podcast recording

If you have pleasure to be involved don’t be shy and get in touch with me 🙂

If you would consider to help us with a small donations we would be super thankful


Learn From Experience: Simone Biavati

Milanese artist and photographer born in 1999, Simone Biavati attended art school at the Brera Academy, where he is finishing his studies.

Since 2017 he has portrayed some of the most relevant faces of the Italian music scene, starting with Willie Peyote up to Marracash, passing through Coma Cose and Sfera Ebbasta.

He has documented performances and backstages, making editorial and commercial shoots with an eye always focused on the news that surrounds him and to his personal projects.

At the moment, he collaborates with realities such as Thaurus, Bomba Dischi, and Universal, as well as having made shooting for various brands, such as C.P Company / Puma / 3WAYZ and many others.

What are the rules of your photographic work?

I don’t really have rules. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a matter of fact that study is important as much as practice, and the knowledge of the rules is at the bottom of the more experimental works. I don’t like to force myself into rules but at the same time, I love them. Instead of rules, I’d like to think that my photos follow a creative journey that is boundary-free. In this era, they always ask us for the photo that someone needs immediately, without ever thinking about the long term.

I want to take photos that remain over time.

Tell us about an experience that definitely changed the way you work and made you grow.

There are a lot of situations that changed the way I work and made me grow, and they are almost all bad experiences, however, you learn above all with mistakes. I am grateful for the mistakes I have made and will do (even if not at the moment) because they will allow me to work better and better in the future. Speaking of beautiful situations, I recently shot for an Italian Brand “3WAYZ” (@3wayzcollection). The guys gave me total freedom and gave me time to think about the artistic direction and the shots, this allowed me to understand one thing, which might seem obvious, namely that having the possibility to be completely free and to have time to think brings you (almost) always to have interesting and beautiful shots.

When you photograph with your camera do you notice the same things you notice with your eyes or do your eyes capture what the camera doesn’t allow you to look at?

During the photography course at the Brera Academy (where I’m still studying) they taught me to look for and see photos even without a camera, thinking about what kind of lighting to give, the possible sensitivity of the film, what lens to use … This gave me the opportunity to better visualize the photos that I can have around me at any time and to mentally train with technical factors

If you were to create an open call, a contest, what kind of theme would you give? What would you like to look at and why?

Interesting question … I still don’t feel ready to create an open call or a contest, I still have to study many and participate in even more. At this point I would like to make an open call on open calls, leave total freedom and creativity to those who participate and see what comes out!

Tell us about your equipment, what kind of cameras do you shoot with what tools do you use and prefer?

I shot with different cameras, digital and analog. From the most standard ones (Medium format, Full Frame, APSC) to the most “crazy” ones (Nishika n8000, some minox). Right now I mainly shoot with my digital camera Canon 77D (which is not even a full-frame) and a Canon FTB with a 35mm on top. With this one, I almost always shoot the photos I prefer, especially if in black and white (which I then develop at home). I feel a different connection than all the other cameras with her, the camera does not have to be more important than the photographer, if so, and therefore your “style” is simply based on the camera you shoot with, it means that as a photographer you are not worth that much.

What do you think is highly conflicting with the concept of photography?

I do not find that there is any concept that is conflicting with the concept of photography, everything can photograph and be photographed.

I don’t believe only in the common means of photographing but rather, unconventional methods are welcome.

Are there any books you would recommend?

I’ve been buying a lot of books lately. I have a few technical ones, mostly I look at images. By the way, there are some books I always like to browse and read liken Jazz Life and Contact High, the Jazz and Hip Hop imagery, I found them really inspiring. I am also obsessed with magazines, Volume 5 of Sixteen Journal surprised me positively, it has very strong photographers from Bruce Gilden to Jack Davison, until Elizaveta Porodina. I’m waiting for the Office number with photos of Joe Cruz (which I find brilliant) and I’m trying to save money for some classic Taschen.

Tell us about your creative process and if there are any particular techniques you use during your work.

When I work with musical artists I always like to get to know them first. It helps a lot both in the pre-production phase (moodboard) and during the shots. Usually, after talking with the client a research phase begins, both mental and on the books/films that I have seen or that I know have that kind of imagery that is required. I have no particular techniques during the shots, I concentrate on doing as few shots as possible, in order to be very focused on making them all beautiful. Lately, I’m shooting from the camera towards the screen, nothing new but it is something that inspires me a lot, the retina of the screen taken from so close almost becomes a rough canvas where I can create surreal and non-surreal images.

What do you do with the discarded photos?

I look at them sometimes thinking about whether I was right to discard them or not, I almost always think I made the right choice but there is always the exception.

Do you follow a particular photographer or magazine?

I have many photographers, photos, imaginaries that inspire me. From the most classic Arnold Newman, Irving Penn, to the most recent Jack Davison, Joe Cruz, to many of my friends and colleagues such as Andrea Barchi and Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi. I’m crazy for webzines and magazines, I would buy them all but I would have no more money to do anything, I am a super fan of the sixteen journal (and I do not hide that I would like to end up on them one day), of T mag, of Wu Magazine, clearly also your work, I find it really inspiring and refined. In short, I appreciate everyone who promotes young artists and photographers.

Simone Biavati



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🎉🍾✨Happy New Year Letter✨🍾🎉

Hi 👋

As we leave another year behind, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making Beex Project a part of your journey to a more immersive photography experience. 

In 2021,a lot has happened. 

We were able to connect with over 2000 photographers and visual artists. 

With some of them, we created 100+ written interviews. We managed to touch some very interesting points with many of the interviewees and learned a lot from their point of view and words. 

151 Podcasts have been released in the last 3 months and have been listened to all over the globe. 2500+ listens. 

We reached 3300+ followers on instagram, but then had to deal with an unexpected profile deletion. But we didn’t say enough, we started from scratch with a new profile and we are at almost 700 followers in 2 months. 

We managed to reach more than 450 people in Berlin and with some of them we spent many moments. Created almost every Sunday of the year live events on MeetUp, including models and very long walks. Beers and coffee and lots of food. 

We published 2 Fanzines and 2 books. Where totally more than 60 Artists from all over the globe were exhibited. 

Published video interviews. Created live events on discord, featured hundreds of people.

This year steps were taken towards the goals set the previous year. 

We would like to thank those who have supported us from the beginning and those who supported us during the year, sharing, talking about us, donating and participating in our initiatives. We thank you with all our heart. 

In the coming year we hope to give much more, and to grow again and again. 

We promise you 12 Editorial Publications already in progress, including the publication of the Transformation open call book. Events every Sunday of the year. Minimum of 1 event per month for portrait photographers. Minimum of 150 more podcast episodes and much more.

Thank you for a wonderful year and to many more accomplishments together.

🎄Happy New Year from all of us! 🎄


Update 21.12.2020

I wanted to do a little update on everything I’ve been organizing over the last while, meanwhile I’ve sent out roughly 100 Interviews for Learn From Experience.

It’s great how many people are agreeing to participate in these interviews, for me even more interesting, to ask them a variety of questions, which I’m curious about in the first place. 

Among other things this making new acquaintances and collaborations makes the project even more exciting, I hope for the collaboration of a number of these photographers and more.

This week, I will try to make contact with Galleries, Museums, Curators, Publishers, Bookstores and many other professionals in the visual art field. 

In addition to the many interviews I will try to finalize, my interest lies in long-term collaborations where each of us can benefit. For example promo codes for online shops, museum tickets, online workshops, open calls for unpublished publications. 

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that this week through December 31, interviews will be coming out for Learn From Experience, daily. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about the realization of these projects within BerlinExplorer. 

Also, I remind you that if you upgrade to the Supporter level, you will receive 3 printed 10×15 Photos + One Letter + it’s a surprise, straight to your door!


Shoot Out! / IV / 12 Dec 2020

Saturday , December 12, 2020 we had another SHOOT OUT!

We thank the participation of Bee, Anton, Emma Fiacchini e Emiliano Vittoriosi whose photos here in this collection kindly made available for publication.

Saturday was an interesting day, where first of all we were joined by two new members whom I personally thank for their participation and pleasant acquaintance, Bee & Anton. 

Above you can see some selected shots of all of us, on the cover I chose to use Emma Fiacchini’s photo, who has a very fine eye on what happens around him. Certainly taking nice pictures at Hermannstrasse is not difficult, but catching the right moment, getting comfortable with what’s around and reacting quickly is not something really easy. I’ve noticed with pleasure that the method of breaking up the group is a good choice to let everyone have the pleasure to get to know each other and chat, about photography for sure, but especially about their personal experiences, in this way, it stimulates creativity and allows us to start looking at the world through the eyes of another person. This series of meetings is enlightening in some way our way of approaching the other, but especially the self that is hidden in the shadows of our unconscious. 

I remember that to join the group and the meetings is totally free! 


Update 15.12.2020

I wanted to start by thanking the support of all of you who are believing in this project, in a time like this, where a little bit all of us are struggling with work, habits and dreams, I know it is very difficult to choose to support a project knowing that the expenses are many, that’s why I would like all of you to receive a symbol of gratitude initial. 

I also want to keep you aware of how your funds will be used.

For the moment €4.99 per month is being used to pay to host our exploration group in Berlin. 

You can access the meetup group for digital events and meetings:  

With the rest of the funds that will currently be accumulated in the Patreon treasury, one of the goals is to print and bind the first BerlinExplorer fanzine. Obviously the price of the future fanzine for you donors will be only the cost of printing and shipping. 

I would like to ask you carefully, if you have any advice, suggestions, questions, or solutions, you can write comments directly below the posts or join the discord group open for all donors and talk directly with all members. 

I noticed that only 2 people have responded to the survey at the moment, I will gladly wait for everyone to respond so that there is more balance. 

Also I ask that if there is not what you think there should be in the surveys, to write in the comments so that new options can be added. 

I am currently working on the upcoming Learn From Experience and Talks interviews.

For those of you who would like more information about workshops or online meetings on building a personal project, please post a comment below. 

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Pictures from Emma Fiacchini.