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Finally we arrived at the day of the publication of Make it Blue, the first fanzine from our collections, from now until June 31, 2021, will be available for pre-order. After July 1, 2021, you will receive copies at home.



Each week on our instagram profile @berlinexplorerproject we select photographs based on a theme, the photographs and photographers we select by exploring instagram are contacted by us to be part of this collection of exclusive editorial publications. We care deeply about each photographer’s work and that’s why we are not content to just publish stories on instagram but to create an ever growing collection of fanzines.

It’s been a long time that we search for photographs and authors around the world, every week on our instagram we publish photos based on a theme, the themes we have chosen, are created based on our research, and among these could not miss those on the shades and colors.

Make it blue is a collection of photographs discovered on instagram, within this volume you will find photographs that have amazed, interested and inspired us.

By purchasing this product on pre-order, you will receive the digital edition and automatically from July 1, 2021 the limited hard copy directly to your address.

The money raised through this preorder will be used to print and send the fanzines and support the BerlinExplorer project.

Release date 1 July 2021

Limited edition copies

Edited by Emiliano Vittoriosi & Alessia Cicala

Photographers: Tara Mc Auliffe, Nicolò Montis, Sydney Morris, Giorgia Bisanti, Emma Fiacchini, Alessia Cicala, Vincenzo Lucente, Ina Echternach, Takashi Noguchi, Rafel Ernesto Ferro, Kostis Fokas, Sebastian Max, Nicoló Strano, Marina Monaco, Diana Semichasnova, Max Hock, Benjamin Albrecht, Esmam La Crowned, Daouda Corera, Kuggur, Isaiah Suko, Jagoda Cierniak, Loreal Prystaj.Publisher: BerlinExplorer
Language: English
Release: May 2021
Volume: 80 pages
Format: 14.8 x 21 cm (A5)
Weight: 170 gr
Binding:Perfect bound
Coverpage paper: 300 gr
Price: 30,00 €


Update 6.01.2021

Here is the first Update of this year. 

I hope your holidays have brought you happiness and relaxation! 🙂

In this new year I would like to accomplish much more than previously only proposed. There are so many things to do and so much to publish, I am pleased to say that many photographers have accepted the proposal to participate in interviews for the project, and from today we will also start publishing new posts on instagram. 

But I wanted to say:

All month long there will be an offer for those who do Upgrade and New Donors, that with 5€ you will receive a Limited Edition Fanzine, edited and printed by me with Fidan Nazimqizi‘s photographs.

In the past month I had a short video call with her.

She is very young but I saw in her photos something very deep and subtle, a strength of expression that has captured me totally, so I decided to make a small publication of her work that in my opinion makes a lot of paper. 

This is a preview of the work I am making.
The fanzine will be an A6 size and will be hand printed and bound. 

With only 5€ per month you will receive a limited edition fanzine like this one I am making. I decided to make this upgrade because the intent of this project has always been to make material visual projects. 

Soon I will also be doing workshops on binding and production of Fanzines, Magazines and books. 

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Write to me here in the comments if you have any recommendations and let me know what you think of the current projects.