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🎉🍾✨Happy New Year Letter✨🍾🎉

Hi 👋

As we leave another year behind, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making Beex Project a part of your journey to a more immersive photography experience. 

In 2021,a lot has happened. 

We were able to connect with over 2000 photographers and visual artists. 

With some of them, we created 100+ written interviews. We managed to touch some very interesting points with many of the interviewees and learned a lot from their point of view and words. 

151 Podcasts have been released in the last 3 months and have been listened to all over the globe. 2500+ listens. 

We reached 3300+ followers on instagram, but then had to deal with an unexpected profile deletion. But we didn’t say enough, we started from scratch with a new profile and we are at almost 700 followers in 2 months. 

We managed to reach more than 450 people in Berlin and with some of them we spent many moments. Created almost every Sunday of the year live events on MeetUp, including models and very long walks. Beers and coffee and lots of food. 

We published 2 Fanzines and 2 books. Where totally more than 60 Artists from all over the globe were exhibited. 

Published video interviews. Created live events on discord, featured hundreds of people.

This year steps were taken towards the goals set the previous year. 

We would like to thank those who have supported us from the beginning and those who supported us during the year, sharing, talking about us, donating and participating in our initiatives. We thank you with all our heart. 

In the coming year we hope to give much more, and to grow again and again. 

We promise you 12 Editorial Publications already in progress, including the publication of the Transformation open call book. Events every Sunday of the year. Minimum of 1 event per month for portrait photographers. Minimum of 150 more podcast episodes and much more.

Thank you for a wonderful year and to many more accomplishments together.

🎄Happy New Year from all of us! 🎄


Welcome “Buy Me A Coffee”

Why open an account also on “Buy me a coffee”?

During this 4 months experience on Patreon, we realized some weaknesses of the system, especially the requests of our followers, that sometimes we could not satisfy given the limitations of Patreon.

The interface is very similar to that of Patreon and Ko-fi, simple and intuitive, like any home page, there is the profile picture and the cover that are the focus of attention and the various sections such as Home, Posts, Membership.

Then there is the description section that in my opinion is much more effective than that of Patreon that puts first the levels of enrollment and does not allow the user to understand before what he is donating, so level up for BuyMeACoffee!

On the right is the tab with the possibility of making a monthly / annual membership, with all the benefits for those who make it, another level up because to make the annual Patreon must be a little VIP, the difference at the time is also that BuyMeACoffee allows you to create a single membership and instead Patreon different levels. But I do not see a bad idea to put a fixed price!

And then I think the strong point of BuyMeACoffee, the spontaneous donation, the ability to donate without registering and instantly, this feature I think is the most effective, because it allows you to receive tips without having to register and with a lot of freedom.

Buy me a coffee, has similar potential to Patreon, but also allows us to take advantage of spontaneous donations without having to face a monthly membership, this obviously makes the donation process more adaptable for everyone.

Another great feature is to be able to give away the Membership and surprise, we decided to give away the membership to all those who are already our Patrons, and who are enrolled at a level of 5€ + on our profile Patreon, so they will benefit from two platforms with a single payment, of course remaining enrolled in Patreon.

What does a Membership include?

For now everything you see in the screenshot above, so, the new Monthly Live Webinars, Free download of digital content, Digital Magazines, access to the Discord community, emails of new publications and the name of the donor in the thanks.

But let’s not rule out the idea that this Membership plan could become even more advantageous, unlike what we offer on Patreon, here we have the opportunity to take advantage of a subscription that allows us to accomplish much more interesting things!

We have set ourselves a first goal! We hope to reach it soon with your help, because there will be many other goals to achieve!

There is also this section that we will soon exploit, to make available many Extra services, so we can say that BuyMeACoffee is a viable alternative to Patreon.

The posts are easy to write, there’s also the option to create albums and we already have a few ideas in mind, so you’ll soon see what’s new!

By the way if you are a creator we suggest you sign up and try it, you can sign up by simply clicking here: BUYMEACOFFEE

But we decided to continue to use it even though we are now welcoming you here too!

Obviously what comes out here will have a different exclusivity to what comes out on Patreon, the reason is that on Patreon there are multiple levels of donation, here instead only one monthly/annual Membership and the possibility of spontaneous donations.

Every Monday the BerlinExplorer team meets for meetings and brainstorms, so we have the possibility to structure a special program for this new platform.

What we ask you to do to make the experience as personal as possible is to fill out this questionnaire, so we can better understand what kind of content you want to receive and see: https://forms.gle/sk3bmCbmBnFoj1TFA

A new activity we want to add here through this platform is the Monthly Live Webinar, a meeting with you all and us on the team to discuss various ideas and experiences.

So anyone who becomes a member every month gets a chance to say their idea live and get in touch with us directly.

It must be said that BerlinExplorer is a project that is constantly evolving, trying to grow in a constant way and with ideas that are always being tested.

We hope you appreciate our efforts and we are sure that with your help we will be able to create more and more impressive content!

If you’d like to check out Buy Me A Coffee click here and become part of this world!


Update 15.02.2021

I would like to make a summary of what happened in this period.

I haven’t done an update for a while, not because there is nothing new, but because there is too much.

BerlinExplorer is expanding more and more and growing fast. New partnerships are being forged and old ones strengthened. 

Where to start? Well we have signed an affiliation with Canva, which we are using to create all our content like the banner above. 

We have created a questionnaire for our followers, which you can participate in and receive a Lightroom preset pack: https://forms.gle/9PNPwq5LwCDr3FmB9  

On Instagram, we’ve started posting stories based on a specific theme. They’ve already passed, Gas Station and Graffiti Scenes, now it’s time for Make it Blue

Created new Reels and quotes from our interviews. 

Increasing our profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

With the photographers who participated in Learn From Experience, we are creating new collaborations for more and more exciting and varied themes. We have reached 1840 followers in a very short time and gained a lot of new active and participative followers. 

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be an active part of the project with their experience. 

We started working on Claudio Albuquerque’s book, every week uploading videos on Youtube and soon we will start the fundraising campaign for the publication of two editions, one in hardcover and the other in perfect binding. 

We have expanded our team, and soon we will publish all the figures with some information on each. 

One of them, Andy El Kanani, is working on the production of quarterly fanzines about projects in or about Berlin. 

Also, among many others, we are about to open the BerlinExplorer website, after which we will start our open call campaign. 

On Discord the community is growing, and we hope you’ll join us soon!

What else to say? Well take a look at the list of current activities:

  • Learn From Experience

The same questions for everyone. This interview explores each individual photographer’s answers to create a list of experiences. If you are responding to this questionnaire you probably already started with this topic.

  • Talks

A written interview where we go deep into your work, projects and person. The interview can range from 15 to 30 questions. 

  • Open Call

A series of project proposals, open calls are overseen for the production of books, fanzines, and exhibitions. 

  • Portfolio Review

A series of meetings where we are going to discuss other people’s photographs, instagram profiles, portfolios and personal projects, you will be the guest of honor. 

  • Digital Download

We are always ready to make downloadable content available to everyone who follows us, if you have content you want to share this is the place to do it. 

  • Diary Notes

Almost every one of us has a journal where we jot down notes, experiences, ideas and suggestions. If you feel like it, you can share something with us, and make it public in the archive. 

  • Fanzine

We are studying the method to publish as many fanzines as possible in our archive. If you want to publish a fanzine with us, we will work on your project and follow the production and digital publication. And with a possible request a paper production. 

  • Podcast

Our Podcasts focus on open conversations, we talk about photography but not only. 

  • The Journal

We collect photographs from a day of the photographer, where he shows us the entire selection and scraps. A way to make public the photographer’s research and his selective choices. The article will consist of images, text and a video talk. 

  • Tell me a story

We want to hear and read the stories that have shaped your lives, what lies behind a shot, what lies behind your needs or projects? If you have stories that can fascinate or research share them with us.

  • Pictures in front

A meeting of a couple of hours where we’ll talk about your archival and published photographs, projects and peculiarities between selections. 

  • Book Production

We will work on your photo book together, selecting photos, talking about them and editing a booklet on Indesign, until the end.

All in video meeting, where you will be published on youtube with the whole process. A way to understand the commitment and work behind a photo book.

  • OnProduction

An hour together in a video meeting where you will show us how you work on your photos, on the selection and post-production. An opportunity to show and share your skills.

Among other things, we are continuing to create meetings on MeetUp. Soon will publish photos of past and upcoming events.

We started our interviews with Pictures In Front which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCxJ4Yx_MLY&t=177s 

I almost forgot, at the end of the month you’ll receive a pack of Lightroom presets from Giorgia Bisanti, who, among many others, has spoken about us in an interview on Siloud.

Here are some spoilers from upcoming video releases: 

Many more activities soon, thank you always for your support!
Tag us in your stories and posts, and comment below! 


Update 15.01.2021

New update, to inform you of some ideas in circulation and remind you of the current initiatives. 

Yesterday I had a 3 hours meeting with my collaborators that I thank for these fantastic brainstorms: Enzo Bacco, Alessia Cicala and Giorgia Bisanti

We got to the point of analyzing various topics and columns to bring to BerlinExplorer including:

  • Top week photographers
  • Top Magazines
  • Wallpaper packs for desktop & Mobile
  • Collections of themed photographs on instagram.
  • Video Tip & Trick
  • App & Software Inspiration
  • Toy Camera Challenges
  • Analog Camera & Film Testing
  • PhonePhotography
  • Color Grading Palette Packs
  • Instagram Tips
  • Photoshop & Indesign Tutorials
  • Lightroom Presets Pack 
  • Talks with photographers and their work. 

In the next post I’m going to take a poll to see what types of tutorials you prefer and which ones to schedule. Also we have been discussing a lot about using social media and how to implement community. 

I ask for your further support in sharing our instagram profile in your stories clicking here! 

And if possible to invite your friends tofollow our facebook page: BerlinExplorer clicking here. 

I am looking for applications to add to the platform to create a discussion forum. Meanwhile for anyone who wants you can join our channel on Discord by clicking here. 

Ah almost forgot, I thank Irene Cruz a creator on Patreon, who provided me with the link with a special discount for our community for her photography course on Domestika. Which you can find in the next post dedicated to her and this course of hers.


Update 6.01.2021

Here is the first Update of this year. 

I hope your holidays have brought you happiness and relaxation! 🙂

In this new year I would like to accomplish much more than previously only proposed. There are so many things to do and so much to publish, I am pleased to say that many photographers have accepted the proposal to participate in interviews for the project, and from today we will also start publishing new posts on instagram. 

But I wanted to say:

All month long there will be an offer for those who do Upgrade and New Donors, that with 5€ you will receive a Limited Edition Fanzine, edited and printed by me with Fidan Nazimqizi‘s photographs.

In the past month I had a short video call with her.

She is very young but I saw in her photos something very deep and subtle, a strength of expression that has captured me totally, so I decided to make a small publication of her work that in my opinion makes a lot of paper. 

This is a preview of the work I am making.
The fanzine will be an A6 size and will be hand printed and bound. 

With only 5€ per month you will receive a limited edition fanzine like this one I am making. I decided to make this upgrade because the intent of this project has always been to make material visual projects. 

Soon I will also be doing workshops on binding and production of Fanzines, Magazines and books. 

A reminder to vote if you haven’t already, in the polls below:

Write to me here in the comments if you have any recommendations and let me know what you think of the current projects.


Update 21.12.2020

I wanted to do a little update on everything I’ve been organizing over the last while, meanwhile I’ve sent out roughly 100 Interviews for Learn From Experience.

It’s great how many people are agreeing to participate in these interviews, for me even more interesting, to ask them a variety of questions, which I’m curious about in the first place. 

Among other things this making new acquaintances and collaborations makes the project even more exciting, I hope for the collaboration of a number of these photographers and more.

This week, I will try to make contact with Galleries, Museums, Curators, Publishers, Bookstores and many other professionals in the visual art field. 

In addition to the many interviews I will try to finalize, my interest lies in long-term collaborations where each of us can benefit. For example promo codes for online shops, museum tickets, online workshops, open calls for unpublished publications. 

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that this week through December 31, interviews will be coming out for Learn From Experience, daily. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about the realization of these projects within BerlinExplorer. 

Also, I remind you that if you upgrade to the Supporter level, you will receive 3 printed 10×15 Photos + One Letter + it’s a surprise, straight to your door!


Update 15.12.2020

I wanted to start by thanking the support of all of you who are believing in this project, in a time like this, where a little bit all of us are struggling with work, habits and dreams, I know it is very difficult to choose to support a project knowing that the expenses are many, that’s why I would like all of you to receive a symbol of gratitude initial. 

I also want to keep you aware of how your funds will be used.

For the moment €4.99 per month is being used to pay meetup.com to host our exploration group in Berlin. 

You can access the meetup group for digital events and meetings: https://www.meetup.com/it-IT/berlinexplorer-immersive-photography-experience/  

With the rest of the funds that will currently be accumulated in the Patreon treasury, one of the goals is to print and bind the first BerlinExplorer fanzine. Obviously the price of the future fanzine for you donors will be only the cost of printing and shipping. 

I would like to ask you carefully, if you have any advice, suggestions, questions, or solutions, you can write comments directly below the posts or join the discord group open for all donors and talk directly with all members. 

I noticed that only 2 people have responded to the survey at the moment, I will gladly wait for everyone to respond so that there is more balance. 

Also I ask that if there is not what you think there should be in the surveys, to write in the comments so that new options can be added. 

I am currently working on the upcoming Learn From Experience and Talks interviews.

For those of you who would like more information about workshops or online meetings on building a personal project, please post a comment below. 

A few questions:

  • What do you think of the Photography Books column?
  • Would you like to discover free documentaries or videos about photography?
  • Are you interested in discovering courses that we think are essential in your education?
  • Are the Learn From Experience interviews satisfying? Would you like to read more?
  • Have you downloaded the Inspiration Layouts? Would you like to see many more produced?
  • Would you like it if I created a post where you all could share your instagram accounts or websites?
  • Would you like to receive personal avatars designed by our Enzo Bacco?
  • Would you like the idea of a monthly meeting where we can all meet online and talk about the project and how to implement it, make it more and more interesting and shape the community?

I would like to thank all donors at every level for their support:

Anton, Giovanni D’Orso, Giorgia Bisanti, Arlette, Katrin Roge, Alfonso La Monica, Emma Fiacchini, Giorgio Ogliari, Viviana Carpentieri, Matilde Cortivo, Napoli System, Alessia Cicala, Andy El Kanani, Federica D’Antonio, Prometeo Pangea, Alessio Mattia Ferrara.

Thank you very much for your support, you will soon receive a thank you in your homes, if you have not added your address, you can edit it in your profile, so that it will be visible to us at BerlinExplorer. 

Pictures from Emma Fiacchini.