Berlin Explorer is pleased to announce their first open call! Everyone from all over the world is invited to submit their work(s) in the theme of 2021: TRANSFORMATION

We challenge photographers and artists of all ages to share with us the connections you see with our theme, in imaginative, creative expressive interpretation. Artists will need to write as part of their submission an explanation of how their work fits with the theme.

To transform means to change, but also to integrate, to meet, to unite; breaking with the past, revolutionizing, starting again. In the 18th century the chemist Antoine Lavoisier taught us that nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. His research was about the matter, but we believe that this applies also to identity: we aren’t, we become, and we become nothing without stimuli from the outside. Sometimes we are forced to change by circumstances, as the pandemic has widely demonstrated. Other times, we can transformate reclaiming our own existence, not becoming what we are, but what we want, expressing how we feel without hierarchies, labels and constraints, exploring our creativity getting rid of any border. 


This is the theme we are interested in hosting for this first editorial production. We thought we would also provide you with a list of words, “concepts,” to help you understand the theme more fully. We are intrepid to receive your photographic material. This open call is open not only to photographers, but also to all types of researchers and artists or creative minds. The only one is the photographic medium, the one we use to give materiality to our concepts.

Our aim is to select artists and their works for the publication of our editorial project, which will be released in print and digital format.


The selected artists/photographers will obtain the publication of their project or their single photo within our editorial product/magazine.
All artists selected and not selected for the paper publication, will also be contacted for individual interviews and published on our digital platforms and social networks.
All the artists who will participate in the open call, will be mentioned in the thanks, for the support with the participation fee paid that will allow us to bear the costs.

Selected artists/photographers will benefit from:

Berlin Explorer is a concept with the focus to support emerging photographers and their work(s) to a broad audience. 



Call for entries open:


Submission deadline:

6.09.2021 ( CLOSED )


What is the entry fee to submit to the Open Call: Trasformation?

The entry fee for the Open Call: Transformation is €5.

When does the call close and open?

The call opens March 21, 2021. The call closes June 6, 2021 September 6, 2021.

I would like to submit more than one project is it possible?

The open call allows submission of one (1) project only. In a project you can submit maximum 30 images, either as 30 works or 30 works in a series.

Can I edit my portfolio once it has already been submitted? No, all submissions are final. in the event of uncertainties, please contact us here.

What happens to work that is selected? If your work is selected, you will be notified. It is up to you to produce and deliver the work at your own expense before the deadline.

If I am not selected, will I receive feedback and suggestions for my work? Due to the large number of entries, it is not possible to provide personalized feedback for artists. But we will try to give a feedback to everyone. 

Where can I get involved in discussions about the project? To connect with us and ask questions regarding the Open Call: Transformation by Berlin Explorer, follow Berlin Explorer on Facebook, @berlinexplorer on Twitter, and @berlinexplorerproject on Instagram. Stay tuned for updates and answers to your questions.


Before submitting your application, be sure to make the payment of 5€ to ensure the correct application procedure. If you are using Paypal, please indicate in the message: OPEN CALL/”YOUR NAME”

Now that you have made your payment you can fill out your application.

IMPORTANT: any application with out an entry fee payment will be disqualified.  

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