I wanted to start by thanking the support of all of you who are believing in this project, in a time like this, where a little bit all of us are struggling with work, habits and dreams, I know it is very difficult to choose to support a project knowing that the expenses are many, that’s why I would like all of you to receive a symbol of gratitude initial. 

I also want to keep you aware of how your funds will be used.

For the moment €4.99 per month is being used to pay meetup.com to host our exploration group in Berlin. 

You can access the meetup group for digital events and meetings: https://www.meetup.com/it-IT/berlinexplorer-immersive-photography-experience/  

With the rest of the funds that will currently be accumulated in the Patreon treasury, one of the goals is to print and bind the first BerlinExplorer fanzine. Obviously the price of the future fanzine for you donors will be only the cost of printing and shipping. 

I would like to ask you carefully, if you have any advice, suggestions, questions, or solutions, you can write comments directly below the posts or join the discord group open for all donors and talk directly with all members. 

I noticed that only 2 people have responded to the survey at the moment, I will gladly wait for everyone to respond so that there is more balance. 

Also I ask that if there is not what you think there should be in the surveys, to write in the comments so that new options can be added. 

I am currently working on the upcoming Learn From Experience and Talks interviews.

For those of you who would like more information about workshops or online meetings on building a personal project, please post a comment below. 

A few questions:

I would like to thank all donors at every level for their support:

Anton, Giovanni D’Orso, Giorgia Bisanti, Arlette, Katrin Roge, Alfonso La Monica, Emma Fiacchini, Giorgio Ogliari, Viviana Carpentieri, Matilde Cortivo, Napoli System, Alessia Cicala, Andy El Kanani, Federica D’Antonio, Prometeo Pangea, Alessio Mattia Ferrara.

Thank you very much for your support, you will soon receive a thank you in your homes, if you have not added your address, you can edit it in your profile, so that it will be visible to us at BerlinExplorer. 

Pictures from Emma Fiacchini.