I wanted to do a little update on everything I’ve been organizing over the last while, meanwhile I’ve sent out roughly 100 Interviews for Learn From Experience.

It’s great how many people are agreeing to participate in these interviews, for me even more interesting, to ask them a variety of questions, which I’m curious about in the first place. 

Among other things this making new acquaintances and collaborations makes the project even more exciting, I hope for the collaboration of a number of these photographers and more.

This week, I will try to make contact with Galleries, Museums, Curators, Publishers, Bookstores and many other professionals in the visual art field. 

In addition to the many interviews I will try to finalize, my interest lies in long-term collaborations where each of us can benefit. For example promo codes for online shops, museum tickets, online workshops, open calls for unpublished publications. 

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that this week through December 31, interviews will be coming out for Learn From Experience, daily. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about the realization of these projects within BerlinExplorer. 

Also, I remind you that if you upgrade to the Supporter level, you will receive 3 printed 10×15 Photos + One Letter + it’s a surprise, straight to your door!