Update 6.01.2021

Here is the first Update of this year. 

I hope your holidays have brought you happiness and relaxation! 🙂

In this new year I would like to accomplish much more than previously only proposed. There are so many things to do and so much to publish, I am pleased to say that many photographers have accepted the proposal to participate in interviews for the project, and from today we will also start publishing new posts on instagram. 

But I wanted to say:

All month long there will be an offer for those who do Upgrade and New Donors, that with 5€ you will receive a Limited Edition Fanzine, edited and printed by me with Fidan Nazimqizi‘s photographs.

In the past month I had a short video call with her.

She is very young but I saw in her photos something very deep and subtle, a strength of expression that has captured me totally, so I decided to make a small publication of her work that in my opinion makes a lot of paper. 

This is a preview of the work I am making.
The fanzine will be an A6 size and will be hand printed and bound. 

With only 5€ per month you will receive a limited edition fanzine like this one I am making. I decided to make this upgrade because the intent of this project has always been to make material visual projects. 

Soon I will also be doing workshops on binding and production of Fanzines, Magazines and books. 

A reminder to vote if you haven’t already, in the polls below:

Write to me here in the comments if you have any recommendations and let me know what you think of the current projects.

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